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Beltrae Partners Limited was founded in 2003 by Ian Kerr, Conor McCullough, James Mairs and Greg Hamill to provide a discrete high quality all-island Corporate Finance advisory service to a range of corporate clients on the island of Ireland.

In addition, Beltrae Partners has used its own capital to invest in a range of Irish businesses alongside the executive management teams in those businesses. The objective is to empower management through an equity shareholding in the business they run to expand and grow the business for the benefit for all stakeholders.

Over the last 13 years Beltrae Partners have advised on the successful completion of over 190 corporate M&A transactions with a combinsed deal value in excess of 3.0bn.

In addition, Beltrae Partners has invested in 15 companies and after a number of successful exits it is still a significant shareholder in 5 companies - all based in N.Ireland.